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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Movie Madness

I've been reading, writing and watching a lot of movies recently. Two nights ago (after a lengthy discussion) we decided we could introduce our son to Star Wars (he's been playing the Lego game and knows most of the "mythology" behind it already).

So I sat down to watch what's technically episode 4 (imagine explaining why we started with it instead of 1) and loved it. All over again (and I've seen it lots). I have a new appreciation for it, having gone through Campbell's The Hero's Journey and using it in ways in my own writing. Have I dealt with reluctant heroes? Yep. Put somebody in "the belly of the whale"? Sure. I think sometimes I could rename both Pietr and Jess as Jonah.

And it was AWESOME to see it all track out so neatly with the combined talents of Lucas and ILM.

Next time you're thinking about how your movie viewing can improve your writing, consider The Hero's Journey and how it fits in with your writing. There are three movies (off the top of my head) I think of when I think about The Hero's Journey: Star Wars: A New Hope, Star Trek (this most recent one), and The Lion King. So, pass the popcorn and tell me which movies you think of that follow The Hero's Journey in at least some way. Any pop to your mind?

Take care!


Jennifer L Hart said...

Lord of the Rings trilogy. Aragorn is the reluctant hero to his marrow.
The Matrix, Neo learns how to be "the One."
The Pirates of the Caribbean movies, lots of parallels between Luke Skywalker and William Turner. (Except in this one, he gets the girl. Well, sort of ;-)
I agree with your choices; they all have that coming of age theme winding through the movies. I love movies that are epic in nature.

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