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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kicking the Internal Editor in the nads.

Day 1: I am so excited! I'm going to attempt to do something I've never done before! Finish a novel! In 31 days! I have it all planned out, from my writing schedule to when I was the dirty socks everyone in this house seems to have. It'll mean that I will have to break some of my precious writing bad habits, such as endless researching period clothing, re-reading everything I've written thus far, writing in chronilogical order, and most importantly, not writing at all for days. I'd never make my 31 day mark if I did that!

Day 12: Huzzah! I've 13,239 words under my belt! I'm working right along, everything seems to be falling into place. I'm pretty much sticking to my timeline, but I've decided that I need more paranormal instances. Can anyone really have too much magic in a historical paranormal romance? I want to go back over what I've written and fix some stuff, but will have to settle for adding comments to my document so I can fix it when I'm done.

Day 18: Started writing various scenes that I've plotted out. It's getting harder to make my word count; I just don't know what to write next. I feel as if I should go back over some of the stuff I've already written and tweak it a little, you know, so I could get back in the characters heads and really get into the story. No, I won't, because my aim is to get a bare bones, 50,000 word novel finished in 11 more days.(Oops. I meant 13. Hey, I'm a writer, not a mathematician!)

Day 22: My. Novel. Sucks. Why did I read it over? I wasn't supposed to go back over it from the beginning. There are so many mistakes! It's going to take forever if I wait to fix them at the end, and I'm running out of space to put my comments. Oh! Shut up little man in my head who keeps telling me to drop this one and start another! I'm not listening to you. I've got 2,000 words to write in 2 hours and I just don't have time to hang out with you!

Day 24: Stupid Internal Editor forced me to head over to wordle to see what word I've used too many times. Seems that 'eyes' has been given enough action in the novel that it's big and bold next to the main characters names. I will ignore this, though, because I have decided to just jump to the end, write the last part of the book so I know what loose ends I need to address and tie up, and get this baby done.

Day 26: Shut up internal editor. You do not own me. You do not own my novel. I will set you free once all of my scenes are hacked together in some vague semblance of a order. Then you can go at it to your heart's content. I ignored you yesterday and wrote over 2k words. I ignored your incessant nagging today and did another 2k. You are not the boss of me, so stuff a cookie in your mouth and come back in six days.


SarannaDeWylde said...

LOL! So what now? *grin*

I know you can do it!!

Robin said...

OMG, right now, I'm just trudging along. All of my old habits keep creeping up to try and suck me down into a pit of nothingness. My poor main characters are trying to have sex, dammit. Can't they get some nookie time without my IE yelling at me to SPELL CHECK! Ugh.

Yeah, I can do it, but it's only going to get harder. Thank the gods I like it hard ;)

Jennifer L Hart said...

You crack me up! Keep plugging. 31 days is a crazy goal, but even if you overrun by a week or so you've still achieved something major!

Way to go!

MolliesMom said...

I loved doing Nano because it was a kick in the teeth to do nothing but write. I'm so lazy and deadlines are amazing for lazy people.

You can do it and you'll be so proud when you're done. Yay you!

Liane Gentry Skye said...

If you manage this, I will personally give you a ticket to fly HERE and handcuff MY internal editor to the fencepost out back. Really, I can't shut the evil little hussy up! I'm obsessed with every page perfect before moving on. The good side, not much revising. Bad side? I can spent entire weeks on one paragraph.


Deborah Blake said...

You GO, girl! I know you can do it!!!!
Write now, edit later. You can always make it better. For now, just make it DONE.

Shannon Delany said...

LOL--You're doing great, Robin! As frustrating (and as much of a rollercoaster ride) as it is, you're handling it all very well. And the little things you've jotted down--all the stuff simmering in that beautiful brain of yours--will get tucked in neatly later. Write it all out just like your doing.

VERY proud of you! Go, go, GO!

Gail Hart said...

Fantastic job, Robin! And I love your word count widget.

Valorie Dorr said...

Robin, I'm inspired by you. Good luck to the finish line. You can do it.

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