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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Waiting IS the Hardest Part: Welcome to Publishing ;-)

So, although I didn't compete in the Dorchester contest through I can relate to waiting for results. I have to say (sorry) it seems to be a major part of being in the publishing business. But there's hope. There's always hope. ;-)

We wait to know how we've done in contests (anywhere from a week to a couple months), we wait to hear back from agents (sometimes for up to eight months), we wait to hear from editors and their publishing houses (can be another month or two there) and then we wait on lawyers about contracts (usually at least once, but they're often the quickest part in the process).

Then we wait for revision notes (I've been lucky here--not long, but some take a few months), release date (totally hinges on the publisher's meeting schedule), copyedits (also, not long for me, but it depends), cover art, galleys (about a month and a half to two months from when copyedits get back to the editor--at least in my publishing house) and then--finally--we wait to see the book on the shelves (in my case, almost six months after galleys).

By the time our book lands on shelves it's often been a year and a half to two years since we signed a contract. It can really wear on you--the waiting.


The good news is, every step in that very drawn out process feels like an amazing victory. Seriously. Every step forward helps build your author's momentum back up (and there are TONS of things you have to do personally between each of those steps--so it's not like you're twiddling your thumbs).

You'll also get bits of good and great news throughout the process--interview requests you didn't expect, interest from Hollywood producers and (just yesterday for us) news you've sold translation rights to the Hungarians (eh, maybe you'll get a different country to start the ball rolling--me? Hungary :-). Stuff like that makes it feel like the time's flying!

So, the waiting may be the hardest part, but as an author, just keep pushing forward. Build that momentum so your dreams snowball into something huge and great.

Hugs to the Divas--you're all winners from where I sit!

~Shannon (<--the chick whose publishers just sold translation rights for 13 TO LIFE to the Hungarians and whose brother says she should use that $ to have the Hungarian version re-translated back into English. "It'll be like a totally different book," he says. *snort*)


Gail Hart said...

Publishing, like the military, is a "hurry up and wait" business, but hey, waiting builds character, right? Right? {Tries to refrain from banging head against wall}

Megacongrats on selling the Hungarian rights to 13 to Life, Shannon!

SarannaDeWylde said...

I keep telling myself to fill that time with writing. That's part of why I signed up for NaNo this year. That and Alanna made me. *hangs head* I caved to peer pressure. :)

On the up side, when I complete NaNo, I will have written two novels and a memoir this year. Not to mention the many shorts that I have been cranking out for various calls. That's so amazing for me because it took several years to finish the first one. Of course, I had a computer crash in there and other such and sundry disasters that are attracted to my klutz gene.

It's amazing that you sold the translation rights! It's such a thrill.

I love how open you are with sharing your path to print. It's an inspiration and an education. At least for me.

I bet that the Divas will all be sitting together at the world premiere of the movie...

Shannon Delany said...

Gail--I absolutely agree about this being "hurry up and wait." LOL--I think you Divas are characters enough. ;-) No need to build more of THAT. *g*

Thanks for the congrats. Lovin' the Hungarians! :D

Saranna--Yep, I try to fill that space with more writing, too. I think that's always the best plan. And I'm glad you caved in to peer pressure and decided to do NaNo (that's Alanna using her peer pressure powers for good ;-). The fact you're being so productive this year is absolutely fabulous--it'll give you an advantage in the market (and help build your reputation as a well-rounded author). Congrats!

I figure being open about all this stuff may help other people--I had no clue about the traditional publishing timeline when I started! Glad it's helping a smidge.

I LOVE that idea--the Divas all sitting together for the world premiere of a 13 TO LIFE movie. Let's cross our fingers and hope we eventually have to practice our red carpet struts. ;-)

Robin said...

I would LOVE to see the Hungarian book cover for 13 TO LIFE. Congrats to you. At least you can share good news with us us we WAIT!

Shannon Delany said...

Me, too, Robin--I have no idea how fast the Hungarians will go into production (wonder if they can pump it out faster than NYC?). As soon as I get a glimpse of the cover (who knows when) I'll DEFINITELY share it here. :D

Liane Gentry Skye said...

What a beautiful, timely post, Shannon. You have a wondeful way of keeping us grounded.

And KUDOS on the Hungarian rights sale to 13 to Life.

You're the real deal. I'm proud to know you and blog with you!

Jennifer L Hart said...

I think that is the coolest, knowing that people world wide will be reading your book! Mega congrats!

And you are so right about the waiting game. It's hard to endure, almost painful at times, but that's what weeds out the wannabes from the real talent. You have to want it badly enough.

(Still gonna bitch and moan while waiting though ;-)
Thank you for sharing your insight!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful you are going to publish in Hungary! And I love your thoughts. It gives us non published folks something to "wait" for! tee hee.
-Kim Connell

Shannon Delany said...

Liane, I'm glad my babbling here can be helpful from time to time. And believe me--I'm very proud to know you, too. You all rock!

Jenn--I agree. The waiting can be painful and, yep, it is part of what separates the survivors in the industry from the others. So HANG IN THERE! And I SO can't blame you for wanting to bitch and moan throughout the process. We're only human! ;-)

Kim--I'm glad I can give you something to look forward to, too--I'm totally psyched about the Hungarian deal. Yeah, it's more money (yeah!) but it's also another book cover inspired by my work--which is really a thrill for me! :D

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