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Friday, October 16, 2009

DIVA-PALOOZA Prize Winner #5

And the winner is...
Well, it could have been you. You've read our stories. You've voted and subscribed and maybe even commented. We want to give you stuff. We want to thank you for our support, but we have no idea who you are.

We need you to give us a heads up that you would like us to throw goodies at you. Kind of like the kids on the side of the path at a parade. Step up! Leave us a message on the Official Contest Blog with your Textnovel username. It's the only way we know to give you the good stuff.

If you did sign on the blog, we might not have been able to put you in the hat because you didn't actually vote and subscribe to all of us. We really want to add you to the lineup, but we have to be fair to those who have followed the contest rules to the letter.

We've given away some fab prizes so far, including a gift box of white Godiva chocolates, 2 full manuscript critiques, and books. We really want to give you something too. So go on, click on contests and leave us a blog message. There are also quick links so that you can get to each of our stories.

The grand prize of a Kindle or Amazon gift certificates of equal value (golly, that's a lot of books) is still up for October 31. So far, odds are good that you could be a winner. Who doesn't want to be a winner?


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