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Monday, April 12, 2010

The Little Post that Almost Wasn't

It's just a little blog post. But hey, it's a post nonetheless, and trust me when I say that for me, anything in the way of words on a page is a major event! With that said, that's my theme for today, starting over. That, and allowing myself to start over *small*. Baby steps!

Those who know me are aware that a major family meltdown has separated me from my muse. There have been days when the simple act of breathing in and out loomed before me, an insurmountable challenge. During this time, my word count wasn't all that. Not that there wasn't word count, there was, here and there, but most of it was less than stellar.

I'm working hard to let myself be ok with that. For now, because at least wordes comitted to a page can be pushed around and rearranged. If it's not written backly, it can never be written beautifully. Yeah, I know all the platitudes. So why the major hesitation on my part?

Because this feels dangerously like learning to write all over again. Worse, *gasp*, I'm published. Doesn't that imply that I must therefore be brilliant from here to Eternity?

As you can see, ball gagging my inner editor is an act easier said than done. So I'm turning to the divas for some tips to keep the old gal chained in the basement where she belongs.

Have at it. I really need your help! My muse will thank you in the morning!


SarannaDeWylde said...

You just have to turn her into a sub. ROFL. Realize that you will never get anything done if you keep second guessing yourself. Sit down and write. Right now. Why are you reading this? Schnell!

Lori said...

It's easy to forget the why in why you write. Writing is your chance to breathe for a minute. Writing gives you a feeling of control and ability when life is out of control and you feel unable.

You write because writing makes you feel better about yourself.

Hush the editor because she's there to keep you doubting and overwhelmed. Remember that you're writing for you first and foremost.

Now get to it woman.

Liane Gentry Skye said...

I love you guys. :D Thanks so much.

Gail Hart said...

Welcome back, Liane! A couple of suggestions: 1) Give yourself a break - the number and severity of the family crises you've been throufgh over the last six months or so would slow down just about anyone. 2) Try creatitive visualization - give the Inner Editor a physical form and picture yourself locking her up in a soundproof box. Then hide the box somewhere - a closet, a tool shed, the bottom of the ocean... you're a writer, use your imagination! ;-)

Liane Gentry Skye said...

Gail, what great ideas! Thank you...will def. find a play to up....the old bag.

Wynter Daniels said...

Even if you can only take fifteen minutes here and there, you need to do it. It's therapy if nothing else.

Liane Gentry Skye said...

Good point, Wynter! Writing is most definitely therapy.

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