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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tales of a (maybe) reformed panster.

I'm going to hit my first 10k word goal some time around Saturday. (There is much rejoicing!) I have to tell you, though, I'm scared. So scared, that writing by the seat of my pants (AKA, Panster) is just not going to happen with this work in progress.

So, I did what any other rational person would do when faced with deadlines: I made a Google Doc.

I am a pretty disorganized person, but when I have to, I can make up Excel worksheets with the best of them. So I did. In today's blog you will find a nice little sheet all made up for you, consisting of a word goals page and a plot goals page. The plot goals page even comes with a timeline! When you get to the worksheet, please click on edit->Download to save it to your hard drive and change things there. Anything that is highlighted should be left alone as the functions are all set up for you.


If you are curious, pop on by to TEXTNOVEL to see my WIP as it comes along. Then, you can also keep an eye on if my uber-organization plan is working.


Courtney Sheets said...

I am loving Wicked Enchantment.
You are creating a great story there.
I will be joining the ranks of the "panters" today. I am taking a page from Liane and Jen Hart's books and writing the 3rd Hawaiian Paranormal off the cuff so to speak..warts and all

Liane Gentry Skye said...

Ohhh, what a great idea. I'm trying to stick with plot goals myself right now...have to get this story out the door.

SarannaDeWylde said...

I like warts! I find that my first instincts are usually right. Sure, I need to shine them up a bit, but what comes out first is usually right.

Jennifer L Hart said...

And how cool is that? Good for you.
I'm a big believer in just letting it rip, but we all have to do what works best for us. Right now nothing is working for me so I'm screwing around online and editing Christy's tossing the gloves as well as building up my resrves for when it will be working!

I admit, sometimes the panster bit won't jive but part of being a panster is winging it even when the winging it means planning. Paradoxical and ironic ;-) It's a great story and I'm eager to see more!

Robin said...

Courtney-Thanks! I am completely out of my comfort zone, but at least of of those regency era research books will be coming into use: All of the detail will have to go in after i finish the first rough draft. I'm so glad to see you up there on textnovel with me! I run over to your story everytime I stop in on mine.

Liane-Geez woman, where did you get your batteries from! I like the idea of plot goals for myself. I've seen that if left on my own, I will get bogged down with details. Now, I look and see the date and where i am supposed to be in the novel. Will make getting it done in 31 days MUCH easier!

Saranna-It's because of you and Jennier Hart that I feel up to this. I've seen your rough drafts, and even though I think they are fab, it blows me away when you've gone through it again! You've given me courage to love my warts. Thank you.

Jenn-Don't think I don't have those PANSTER moments. Actually, the whole plot is a bit like a panster moment. See, there isn't really one. I mean, I have some bones, but when I'm writing, ideas just pop in and I love them. Like this being a regency. And there will be orphans, Oh, and smugglers. Wait, there's more--but you'll have to read it!

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