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Sunday, January 3, 2010


Writers write; everyone else makes excuses. But there are times when that thing called *LIFE* limits how much we can realistically expect to accomplish. I’m in one of those periods when *LIFE* is happening fast and furious around me. I’m preparing to sell a home, buy a home, move 1600 miles, and start a new job, as well as waiting for the results of the Dorchester Publishing/ America’s Next Best Celler contest. Here's my schedule for the few weeks:

January 4: Meet with movers for pre-move survey; get documents for Virginia closing notarized and delivered to FedEx; Dorchester elimination

January 6: Two office good-bye parties (current and previous jobs)

January 7: Movers pack and load my household goods

January 8: Last day of work at current job; closing on Virginia condo; dinner with my family; Dorchester elimination

January 9-11: Drive to San Antonio

January 12-14: Report to new job; prepare for business trip on Monday

January 15: Closing on Texas condo; final Dorchester elimination

January 18-22: Business trip to Miami for hearing

Oh, and sometime in there, no later than January 19, my household goods are supposed to arrive in San Antonio. In a perfect world, they’d arrive on January 15, so they could be delivered directly to my new home right after the closing. More likely, they’ll arrive while I'm in Miami, in which case they'll go into temporary storage for a few days and be delivered to the condo during the week of January 25.

Whew! Most of this activity is highly positive, but still…

I’m taking my trusty AlphaSmart 3000 with me on my various travels so I can write the 100 words a day I need to keep my brand new 2010 string alive at Club 100. Beyond that, *LIFE* will have to take precedence until I get back from Miami. And I’m okay with that.

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Liane Gentry Skye said...

The important thing is that you're writing, Gail! I don't know how you're getting anything done with a to-do list like that. HUGS and good muse to you!

Jennifer L Hart said...

Chip away at the ice a little at a time and watch the beautiful sculpture emerge. Way to go Gail!

Ann Yost said...

I don't think you'll get eliminated. How come I didn't know you were a lawyer? Man, I had one critique partner there for awhile. No wonder you're such a smart writer! Good luck with all.
Ann Yost

Gail Hart said...

Thanks for dropping by, Ann, and I'm glad Blogger let you comment this time!

Unfortunately, I did get eliminated yesterday, but that just means Dorchester isn't the right home for this book.

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