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Saturday, December 19, 2009

I Love Romance Writers

Dorchester made another cut yesterday in the America’s Next Best Celler Contest, and two Divas are still standing. I’m thrilled and a little stunned that CONFESSIONS OF THE WORLD’S OLDEST SHOTGUN BRIDE is in the final four. I’m also thrilled, but not the least bit stunned, that HOW TO LOSE A DEMON IN 10 DAYS by the fabulous Saranna DeWylde is right there too. And I’m awed by the generosity of spirit displayed by my fellow contestants.

Throughout the contest, everyone has been so supportive of each other, even though technically we were in competition. Authors voted for and commented on each other’s stories, gave advice on effective techniques of vote tarting, friended and followed each other on Facebook and Twitter, and invited each other to guest blog. After the finalists were announced, semifinalists who didn’t move on beta read for finalists who were preparing their full manuscripts for submission to Dorchester. Even though a huge prize is on the line, there's been very little nastiness.

This same spirit of wanting to be of service to each other is evident throughout Romance Writers of America and its local chapters. Published romance authors – even NYT bestsellers – routinely give their time to help and educate their unpublished sisters. No one acts as if publishing is a zero sum game, where one person’s success can only come at someone else's expense. Perhaps this is because romance writers are nearly all women, and women are socialized to be cooperative rather than competitive? Whatever the reason, Romance writers don’t let the cutthroat nature of the publishing industry turn us against each other.

And so, I raise my chocolate martini glass to the community of romance writers. Like Rodney Dangerfield, we don’t get no respect, but we’re good people. It’s an honor to be one of you.


Jennifer L Hart said...

Don't get me wrong Gail; I'm competitive as all get-out. But I think part of being a good competitor is to know when it is time to say, game over for me.

I made a habit during the contest of checking up on who voted for Redeeming. Several of the later voters came from people who also voted for Courtney's, yours, Saranna's, Christy's ect. With out all of you and your voters I wouldn't have made it to the semi-finals.
There is room for all of those that are serious in the romance section. Bringing quality product is essential and if I can help a few of the stories I have enjoyed get there, as well as getting to read the rest of the story, well bully for me.
Plus, my inner mercenary is sure to ask people to return the favor at some point. ;-)
Not altruism, just smart business.

Anonymous said...
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SarannaDeWylde said...

I'm not surprised about Confessions at all. It's a great story and deserves everything that's coming. *g* Wait, that sounded a little ominous. LOL. You know what I mean. :)

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