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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Thieving the Time

So, there's my stern writerly look which was supposed to enjoin the huddled and hungry masses to leave me alone while I was tapping away with a wild and unfettered abandon on my NaNo project, Warlock of the Month.

I think I should have gone with the scowl that I normally reserve for inmates who have come down with a contagious case of stupid. Of course, I couldn't post that one. We'd like to keep our blog followers and we prefer them upright instead of dead. Yes, looks can kill. If you do it right.

Short of shooting our loved ones, what is it that you do to have writing time? It's hard enough for us to sit down to the computer and write to start with. What's the most creative strategy that you've used to secure some quiet time to yourself?

Mine isn't that creative. I've roared like Tiamat and I think I might have actually sprouted six other heads. The husband tiptoes around with a lighter tread when I'm writing than when I'm parting the red sea on the cotton pony. He doesn't trust any food that I've cooked if I had to stop writing to prepare it (Which is just silly.)He'll sniff it carefully like a wild dog and snatch it before I can take it back. He even manages not to glue his hands to my blouse gnomes when I'm writing. He'll sneak up behind me, even though he knows I hate that, and grab on. (Working in corrections, you learn to never let anyone hang out behind you. Not just for the "rear" jokes either.) Unless I've got Word open and then he tiptoes away as quietly as a large, viking looking hottie can.

Spill! The Wylde Diva wants to know.


Liane Gentry Skye said...

Heh. I'm probably not the writer to talk to about not having time to write. *g*. Seriously? We all waste time. We do. Little chunks here and there. Steal 'em back.

Well, that and duct tape. :)

Candi said...

The Wylde one has scary looks? Never say so.

Hmmm? Let's see. Between Animal Control and three at home kids - which is weird to say now that DS1 is off to basic - it's pretty much hit or miss.

Thankfully, I'm a quick wirter. I've been known to hit a stride and pump out a novelette in a morning, and a novel within a couple weeks.

Though the first draft isn't very clean, it's finding time to revise and edit that gets me. But it is easier, since I can do it in chunks. My muse has already walked me through the most difficult portion.

Especially since I love blogging and talking to other wirters. Edit versus hanging in cyber world with friends - yeah, I really need to develope some more control.

Robin said...

My strategy--I have none. I ignore my toddlers. I throw food at them and sit them in front of Nick Jr. I eat food that has come out of cardboard boxes. I use the crockpot when I feel as if it is necessary to actually PRETEND to be a wife and mom.

One of the biggest ways I find time to write? I use the old computer downstairs that isn't hooked up to the internet cause we bought it when the internet wasn't a big deal. Yep, it still works. And it has Windows 98 (the best ever made, if you're a writer.)I save everything on a usb thumbdrive and transfer it to the laptop. Socializing, research, and e-mail are all time suckers. Go cold turkey from them and you'll write. You haven't any other choice. It's either write or do laundry.

Jennifer L Hart said...

Robin--God, how I miss windows 9. That was the edition I had on my college PC. The best ever made. And I did the same thing with my boys TV and insto meals for the navy years. Now, at 5 and 8, they have school and activities and the girl next door who wants to come over and play ect.

I actually brushed over this topic in Redeeming Characters, though not as well as Saranna ;-) Moms tend to shoulder the guilt for not following through with something that the kids want and/or need. So my stratagey is never to promise them anything. If the muse is with me and I knock out my goals for the daywe'll go to the park or ride bikes. If not, well find something quiet to do. If they don't I do my exorcist impression, complete with fully rotating head and green spew.

SarannaDeWylde said...

Wow, Candi. You've got this dirty drafting down. I try. It doesn't always work.

Like Robin says, I tend to socialize way too much. :)Hehee. She throws food at them, like a zoo.

Jennifer, I believe the spouse creature is in touch with that impression. :)

Robin said...

Yes. Very much like the zoo. Even down to the monkeys (my children) jumping on me and pooping (in a diaper, but still).

SarannaDeWylde said...

Robin, at least it's in the diaper and not the wall or your cheek. :) My friends' son used to like to make murals with his.

Liane Gentry Skye said...

Chuckling at the responses here. Mom-dom and author-dom. So many doms, not enough whips.

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