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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Power of the Pen

What's more intimidating than a white space that you're supposed to fill with your words?

When I open a new document to start a new piece, be it an article, a technical manual, or a novel, it's always the most beautiful and horrible thing I've ever seen.

Yes, your friendly neighborhood Amazon Goddess can be intimidated. Not by other goddess types, writing gurus, or hard work. Just a simple blank document is enough to send me screaming and yet, that same document lures me back in every time. I always stop and turn around for that last backward glance and I'm sucked back into the blackhole of expectation.

It's gravid with possibilities that range from the Great American Novel to tortures that are straight from the innermost ring of Hell.

I always hesitate before writing those first words, but the longer I stare at it, the bigger and more infinite it seems. As writers, we're the welders of Chaos. We take all of those things floating out in the ether and cement them down with only our keyboards and the sheer force of our will. How amazing is that? Civilizations can rise and fall with a keystroke, plagues, Armageddon and the horrors that slither in the darkness can all come to light. Or that candle of hope that we left burning in the window can blaze to a brilliant nova and incinerate all who read what we've written.

It adds a little more weight to the question, 'What will you do today?'.


Robin said...

Oh, yeah, all that white space! Usually, I have pages already played out in my head, but those times when I HAVE to write something because someone told me to, I am afraid of the "new document" button.

Thank you for putting in perspective, though. There is magic in what we do. In minutes, we are creating worlds that are run the way we see fit. It is amazing!

Jennifer L Hart said...

Now see, I guess I'm kinda lucky because the blank page doesn't bother me. Who the heck wants to stare at a blank page?

My problem is that I get going,but forget what I already wrote. My memory is just weird like that. So I re-read, edit, deleat along the way so what appears as a first draft on textnovel is really a fourth or fifth of chapter one. After I've been over it so many times, I see what ought to be on the page, not what is actually there.
And then I'm swarmed by the flying doubt monkeys who drag me to the special corner of Hades filled with loathing for all things creative.
Did I really say I was lucky? Dunno, better go reread ;-)

Liane Gentry Skye said...

Ohhh, I want me a Welder of Chaos tshirt! Hmmmm...textnovel needs a tshirt and bumper sticker stoor of Pithy Amazon Goddess wit and wisdome!

SarannaDeWylde said...

Thanks, Robin! I am too.

Jenn- That happens to me all the time, but you already know that. *wink* I always see what I think should be there, not what really is. So frustrating.

Liane-Pithy Amazon Goddess wit. *snort*

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