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Saturday, November 14, 2009

I've been a bad, bad girl. Someone, please spank me

Yes. I have been naughty. I did not post my blog on Thursday. I forgot about it. I was to busy doing...well, that's the kicker. I wasn't doing anything necessary at all. At least anything that couldn't have waited.

I took what I call "a mental health day". I didn't do any writing. A bit of brainstorming, but nothing fancy. I started a story that just kinda flopped over my keyboard and died. The juices just weren't flowing. The Baby Boy was starting to get sick and had to sit on my hip the whole day, and that meant Darling Girl wanted to be on that same hip as well. In between the hacking of one and the whining of the other, I just didn't want to get anything done.

So I didn't.

And that is okay. Sometime, the stars aren't aligned and Mars has situated himself comfortably in retrograde. Sometimes life is in upheaval with moving or construction or a loved one coming home after being away for far too long. Sometimes you just don't wanna. That's okay. Walk away. Get refreshed, do all the stuff that is forcing itself onto your to-do-list and just get back into writing the next day.

Which is what I did. Well, sorta. I decided I needed a web page, so I went out and got a domain name and started designing my own website. I also sent out my RWA application and ordered the Writer's Digest magazine. While money was flowing more freely than words (trust me, I wish it had been the other way around) I also went ahead and purchased WRITE OR DIE for my desktop. This funk I'm in isn't gonna last. However, I may just need a little help kicking my butt out of Lazytown and Dr. Wicked and his amazing writing program will be there to do it.

So, what's been going on with you all that life is kicking you in the teeth. Go ahead, let it out. I'm here for you.


Deborah Blake said...

I din't manage to write yesterday either, and am only just getting to it today.
Yesterday I did a bit of "beta read and edit" for a pubbed author friend with a deadline, and my arms hurt (RSI) so I just gave them a rest later.
Does this mean I get a spanking, too?

Gail Hart said...

Well, Robin, I'm trying to get ready to change jobs and move 1000miles. This week I have a bunch of workmen in my condo making a few minor improvements so hopefully it will sell more quickly.

However, one of my CPs gave me a sign that I think is so true. Itsays, "Writers write; everyone else makes excuses." I'm trying to spend a lot less time making excuses, and a lot more time writing.

Oh, and I think Dr. Wicked is God.

Jennifer L Hart said...

I'm so torn on this one, I agree with Gail that the writers must write, but building up momentum is the tricky part.

This week we had beagle w/ a bladder infection so hours and dollars lost at vet's office. Plus cleaning up the pee stains, fun stuff. Reflooring the dining room which drained a hefty portion of free time into nowheres ville. Then the standard, cooking cleaning, running boys to school and soccer and karate and blah blah blah.
Plus the weather just sucked here in NC, driving rain for 3 days straight. Made me want to curl up and read. Or sleep. Still getting some progress on Stellar Timing but it is slooowwww.

Jennifer L Hart said...

Not to mention, I think those of us in the Next Best Celler Contest are doing a wee bit of hand-wringing while waiting for the finalists to be announced. Everytime I sit down in front of the computer I say "gotta write, no internet." Typically I don't have that problem, but this week my cyber will power bites.
As you can see even I don't listen to me. Guess I need a spanking, too.

SarannaDeWylde said...

Yep, spank me too. But because I like it... No, seriously. I've been so distracted. But, I am back with my teeth into Warlock and trying not to think about tomorrow. :)

Oh and *spank*. I mean, you asked. *grin*

Casse AKA Catholic Kittie said...

Hey I also recently mailed in my RWA at my male friend's demanding. I hate spending money unless its on books lol

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