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Thursday, November 26, 2009

I'm so thankful for--excuse me, I need to unbutton my pants.

Today, us Americans celebrate the only holiday where getting into a state of undress in front of family members is encouraged, even if you are only unbuttoning your clothes because you are more stuffed than the turkey.

Oh, happy day.

I've been up cooking since 7 am. Insane you say? Well, perhaps, but the smells are so fantastic! The knowledge that I won't have to cook for the next week helps, too. Thanksgiving this year at our house will be celebrated in the fashion it should be. Lots of yummy foods, lots of great companionship, and lots to be thankful for. I did a quick poll on things we are grateful for this year:

DD="I am thankful for cake"
DS="Don't touch" (Actually, that's his answer for any question you ask. He's just happy he can say a sentence)
DH=Didn't answer. He was too busy trying to get outside so he could play with his logs.
Me=Oh, just about freaking everything. We've got a new fab house, I've moved leaps and bounds in my writing, and I have come to know a group of fantastic ladies on textnovel. Who could ask for more?

Not me, that's for certain. We have health, happiness, and love. I wish the same for all of you.

While we are all feeling all giving and smooshy, take a look to the far right of this page. There are links to follow to give a thumbs up for the Divas in the top 10. take a seond to vote, all you have to do is reply on your fave Diva's novel, even if it is just an emoticon. You don't even have to log in, just reply as "unregistered". That's what my DH did while I forced him at turkey baster point.

Happy thanksgiving!


SarannaDeWylde said...

Hehee. Turkey Baster point. That's great.

I got up and had the 20lb bird in by 7. Then I had to pull it out again a 8 because in my usual fashion, I forgot to pull out the giblet bag.

I made homemade cranberry sauce yesterday and today, it's more like cranberry gruel, but darn is it tasty. :)

I'm thankful for all of the blessings I've already been given and for those that are yet to come and still further, those that are manifesting now.

Bright Blessings this holiday to you and yours!

Be plump, sleepy, and here's to someone else doing the dishes.


Anonymous said...
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