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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pimpin' Ain't Easy on Wylde Wednesday

That's no lie! My feet hurt from these heels, this micro-mini is six inches past too tight and I got a splinter from my pimp cane. I feel like everyone is looking at me rolling through the Textnovel hood with my Dickel Bourboun and Divajuice in my pink Cadillac. That could be because there's a big, fat Divapalooza banner hanging off of the side. Maybe. Or it could be because I keep shouting really loud to "look at me". That does tend to make people look. I like to stop and talk to a few people, I want to get to know them. That's my favorite part of dancing in this parade.

Here's the part that I don't like. I feel like I'm asking people to like me by asking them to read my story. How gross is that? It makes me feel like the floor of a NYC taxi cab that hasn't been detailed since 1989. Yeah, it's not a nice feeling. Especially since I am the original rebel who doesn't care if anyone likes her and sneers at those who do. That creepy girl in high school who sat with her journal writing tragic poetry and stories where everyone dies...or that girl who sat under the bleachers with her boyfriend's black leather jacket smoking Marlboro Reds in the box at the football games...or that other girl that would just as soon use your hair to introduce your face to your locker as look at you... those were all me. Now, here I am dressed up in my cheer gear and feeling a little anxious. Hand me that bucket?

It's an odd mix, because I'm not shy. I make friends easily, surprisingly enough. I communicate well with people of any education level or background which I think comes from my time as a corrections officer and as an airline supervisor. (Between the two I liked the prison better. You can walk away from inmates if they piss you off.)

The point? Self-pimping is hard. I try to do it whenever the opportunity presents itself, but I don't want to be that friend who only talks about herself, or every single tweet has to do with what I'm pimping. People will start tuning it out if I do, like a commercial. I know I would.

So you guys, how do you find that line between enough promotion and being a pain in the butt?



Robin said...

I. Hate. Spam. Textnovel has made me feel like I am bombarding people i barely know to take time and read my stuff. They like it, sure, but still. I have whored so hard for this contest, the only thing I haven't done is stand on the yellow lines of the road and hand out flyers. Actually, that may work. I'll need some orange cones and a Kinkos...No, I will not do that. However, self-publicizing is a huge job for any author, so I suppose that we are just getting our feet wet. It is through the begging for readers that I met some of the awesome authors on textnovel. So, I'll continue to hike up my skirt and say, "Hey baby, how about a little bedtime story?"

Saranna DeWylde said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one. *g* I was actually going to hand out flyers today...

Gail Hart said...

Don't laugh, I have flyers to take to my sorority reunion this weekend!

Pimping for other people is easier than pimping for myself, which is one of the many things I like about being part of the Divas. :-)

Robin said...

I'm sorry, Gail. I laughed. Just shows that we are all on the same line of thought...

And yes, I'd much rather pass around authors I like than make a big fuss about me. Habit I picked up working at libraries.

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