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Friday, September 18, 2009

Writing "The End" To A Serial

A major chapter in the history of serial storytelling will come to an end at 3 p.m. today when the soap opera Guiding Light airs its last episode. After 72 years, the show has fallen victim to low ratings.

Since 1937, a succession of writers, actors and technical people have been telling this story, five days a week, first on radio and then on TV. Through wars, recessions and natural disasters, generations of fans have tuned in to follow storylines ranging from the heartwarming to the bizarre -- love triangles, teenaged romances and characters returning from the dead; mobsters, princes, an angel and a clone.

Though daytime soap operas have been losing popularity for some time, the serial format is alive and well in new technologies -- like textnovels. And on a personal note, Guilding Light changed my life -- literally! A few years ago some GL fans on an internet bulletin board persuaded a lawyer who hadn't done anything creative since high school to try her hand at fan fiction. Fan fic led to romance writing led to textnovelling led to -- who knows what? So this Diva raises her chocolate martini glass to you, Guiding Light!


Liane Gentry Skye said...

Did I hear chocolate martini? That's my kind of toast. :) I can't believe Guiding Light is really gone. What is it about a good serial that grabs our hearts to the point we'll follow them for years on end? If we could crack that code, we'd be unstobbable, I tell ya. Great post,btw.

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