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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

OPP-Yeah you know Me or Other People's Paranormal uh...

It's already Wylde Wednesday again! Where did the week go? Time is flying by this month, but I'm ready for October. You know what's in October? Besides my ten year wedding anniversary? And besides the Friday the 13th that will live on forever in the annals (Since it's my naughty blog day, I was tempted to say "anals" of history, because I mean, they were drilled in the butt with the bad luck bit.) of history as bad luck? (You know, the one where the Templars were all named as heretics and murdred because the King wanted their power, he already had the Pope.)Those are actually on the same day, my deliciously Viking spouse creature has a thing for Templar lore.

The best paranormal releases are usually in October in preparation for Halloween, or as other prefer to call it, The Turn of the Wheel. My own novella, The Binding had a Halloween release date. All very ecxciting stuff. So this brings us to my topic for today, non-human sex.

My adoring spouse creature mentioned to me that he didn't see how vampire/human sex was something to aspire to. He said that number one, their man-swords wouldn't work because they reproduce through their bite and nature is all about utility. To which of course I answered him that vampires weren't naural, they were SUPERnatural. Hence is logic was null. He countered with the necrophelia argument. I still haven't come up with a good answer to that. When I think about it that way, it kind squicks me, Miss Unsquickable. Of course, he hasn't managed to sour me on vampage, just for screwing with my Chi he was forced to sit through the entire series of Dark Shadows Resurrection. He was lucky it wasn't Kindred: The Embraced where I drool buckets over Julian Luna. (RIP)

What makes paranormal sex squickable? I've read a host of bodice rippers (I use this term lovingly.)where the innocent virgin was offered to the beast and he tagged the hell out of it while he was in werewolf form. Sure, it was for curse breaking, but she liked it. Is that bestiality? I didn't think so, because it was all allegory for a man fighting the worst in himself to win his true love, and all about her overcoming her fear and trusting for the same. But in the harsh, neon lights of my husband's oh-so logical analysis (Hehee. I said "anal" again.) I can see the paradigm shift to squick.

What do you guys think?


Robin said...

OMG, Saranna, i believe we have the same DVD library. However, If I must say, my hubby would rather sit through Kindred then another relay of Dark Shadows. When I made him watch True Blood, he actually said "Now this I can watch." Vampires and necrophilia? It's only necrophilia if they can't say sweet nothings in your ear. Werewolves and bestiality? Just remembering my Uncle Pasquale's back and how my Aunt would brush it for him...really, is there a difference? I can't picture my Uncle ever saving my Aunt's life in a dramatic fashion, so between the two, give me a werewolf!

Candi said...

Mercy - seriously, I don't know if I ever truly want to meet you in person. LOL. My cheeks hurt from laughing just from online interaction....

Here's my take, and excuse any analogies - eek, I said it too!

I'd NEVER read a paranormal before I joined a writing group. I loved knights, vikings, cowboys, you name it, but nothing ever pulled me toward the dark side...
until I got my first taste of a sorceror named Gabriel and his ultra sexy enemy who I was supposed to hate but just - well, he was hot.

It was the forbidden, the danger, the sensuality inherent in a man/beast that is either percieved as bad or by nature behaves that way. From those two chars, I turned to vamps, weres, shapeshifters - LGS's Ryder at numero uno right now - and the whole sha-bang.

I think the reason it's so acceptable, so non squickable to those who choose to take the plunge and read, is the simple fact that the Hero is already, or damn near yummyrific by the time the deed is to be done.

And by then we're thinking quick - not squick.

SarannaDeWylde said...

Robin, I just read your blog about MAP, so I must me in agreement. That's really sweet that she brushes it for him. I shave my furry man. When we were first married, I used to have a nightmare that he was a werewolf... maybe it was a vision telling me to invest in Nair.

Thanks for your take and stopping by Candi! And wow, do I ever have a crush on Ryder Black too!

And I suppose I should come with a warning label. UNFILTERED. *laughs*

I do love my paranormals!

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