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Friday, September 4, 2009

Come Get Your Demon On!

How To Lose A Demon in 10 Days

Looking for a fun free read? Come on over between the sheets and see what's going in with Caspian, a sexy Crown Prince of Hell and Grace, our resident witch. It's quite the brew, with Russian mobsters and Dominatrix demons... Not to mention some characters from Russian Fairytales. The Baba Yaga. A good time is definitely not had by all, but the hijinks are certainly fun to watch!

I'm having a blast at Textnovel, there's plenty of room in the sandbox. So come get your demon on!


~Saranna DeWylde

P/S Lovelies, while you're there, check out the rest of these amazing ladies. Fae bad boys in Fae Nights by Jhaea a.k.a. Robin Wright, a muse to die for in Muse Struck by Liane Gentry Skye, and we can't forget Liane's other delicious dish, the Hell Hound Shifter, Ryder in Surrender the Night. I have a crush on Ryder. Then, if you've got your water still handy, come meet the sexy flyboy Steve in Confessions of the World's Oldest Shotgun Bride by Gail Hart.


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